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Blue Light Therapy

Light therapy has emerged as one of the safest and most effective treatments that can help with a lot of different common health conditions. Whether you work with red light therapy or some of the other options, you will find that it helps improve your mood, increase your energy and so much more. One therapy that is taking off is blue light therapy.

What is Blue Light Therapy?

To start, we need to take a look at what blue light therapy is all about. Blue light therapy is a process that will use light to help treat conditions that are on or right under the skin. It is a pain-free procedure that can make you feel amazing.

Blue light therapy can also become a photodynamic therapy because it can work with light-sensitive drugs along with a high-intensity light source to help activate those drugs. The light that is used is a natural violet or a blue light and can work for many health conditions. Keep in mind when working on this one that it is only able to treat the areas the blue light can reach. This is why blue light therapy is often for skin disorders.

What Can Blue Light Therapy Help Treat?

There are several skin conditions that blue light therapy can assist with. These include:

Sun Damage

The most common use of blue light therapy is to treat sun damage and even prevent skin cancer. It can even be used to help remove some of the precancerous skin lesions and some cancerous ones that haven’t been able to spread to other parts of the body yet. The blue light will not cause any damage to the skin and doesn’t hurt, making it an effective way to deal with any sun damage on the skin.


You can also use blue light therapy to help with a variety of skin disorders, including acne. It is good for smoothing out the texture of the skin while reducing any oil glands that are enlarged. In addition to these, you will find that blue light therapy is good for removing acne, scars, and sunspots.


Blue light therapy is a common option used to treat depression. It is most effective when it comes to treating SAD in many patients. SAD, or seasonal affective disorder, is a condition that is partially caused by the cold and dark winter weather, the darker days and being stuck inside more than usual. The blue light can help to counteract these issues.

How Does the Blue Light Therapy Work?

The good news here is that blue light therapy and the treatment that goes with it is very quick and you can do it as an outpatient procedure and sometimes at home. The only exception to this one is if you are using it as a photodynamic therapy to help with some cancer treatments where you need to be monitored.

When you get this done with a skincare specialist or with your doctor, you will be taken into a dark room. If you are doing some of the photosynthesizing drugs along with this, the drugs will be applied topically or directly on the skin in the area where you want the treatment. There are a few options when it comes to medication. Sometimes it needs a few hours or a few days to allow the skin to absorb it.

No matter how long you need to leave the medication on, it is important to stay away from any bright light source, including the sun. make sure to protect the skin and stay inside until it is time to do the therapy to make sure the medication stays on and you don’t damage the skin more.

When it is time for the doctor to start the light treatment, you will be given some goggles to wear to keep your eyes protected and then they will apply the light right on the target area. The session will last between 15 to 90 minutes, depending on which area you want to treat and how the medication is being done.

If you are using this type of light to help with depression and SAD, you may need to work with your device at home. This will allow you a way to use the blue light daily to resolve some of your symptoms.

Is Blue Light Therapy Effective?

Many patients agree that this type of therapy is an effective treatment for skin conditions, as long as you use it repeatedly. You need to keep going to your maintenance appointments to help it be effective and to make sure you do not lose your progression. To treat any skin condition, it will take:

One to four treatments to help with precancerous sunspots and then you need to head in for the annual maintenance to make sure it works.

For acne, you will need to do four to six treatments. Then you will need to go to your maintenance appointments two times a year.

Your doctor may ask you to work with photodynamic therapy because it is the most effective option when it comes to treating cancerous areas. The drugs allow the blue light to be more effective and stronger than ever before so it may be the best bet to help you here.

Always consult with your doctor before getting started on any kind of light therapy, even blue light therapy. It is usually safe and effective to work with, but if you have some underlying conditions, there could be some side effects to deal with as well. Only you and your doctor can determine if blue light therapy is the right option to help you out.

Blue light therapy is a safe and effective treatment to help with many skin conditions. Like many of the other light therapies out there, this one works to naturally improve your body, specifically your skin here, to ensure you are healthy without all the negative side effects along the way. You can even find devices that work well to use at home.

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