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Full Spectrum Lighting for Depression

Quick Navigation What are the Winter BluesWhat is Full Spectrum Light?Will Full Spectrum Lights Help with Seasonal Depression?How Can I Use Full Spectrum Light? Now that winter is coming up, the days are getting shorter and we will see less time that we can spend in the sun. There are even days when the sun […]

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Red Light Therapy: How Often?

Quick Navigation What is Red Light TherapyHow Often Should I Do Red Light Therapy?How Long Should I Do the Red Light Therapy? Red light therapy is a great type of light therapy treatment that can help with many health concerns from skin conditions to weight loss. It was originally developed by NASA to help grow […]

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What is Green Light Therapy

Quick Navigation What is Green Light Therapy?The Benefits of Green Light TherapyHelps Improve Your SleepProvides Relief From PainUse as a Treatment for MigrainesAs a Skin Therapy Many of us are far too familiar with the feeling of being up too late looking at the blue light of a computer. But it turns out that there […]

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Chromotherapy: What You Need to Know

Quick Navigation What is Chromotherapy?What Can Each Color Do?The Benefits of ChromotherapyHow Will My First Session Go? Light therapy is quickly becoming one of the best methods to help make your skin look amazing while alleviating many common health conditions. Considering all you need to do for this therapy is to use different wavelengths of […]

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Broadband Light Therapy

Quick Navigation What Is a BBL Laser?How Does Broadband Light Therapy Work?Where Is BBL Therapy Applied?Are There Any Side Effects to BBL Skin Treatments?Is BBL Therapy Helpful? The skin is the largest organ in the body. It plays a significant role in our bodies as it covers our internal organs and protects us from external […]

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Blue Light Therapy

Quick Navigation What is Blue Light Therapy?What Can Blue Light Therapy Help Treat?Sun DamageAcneDepressionHow Does the Blue Light Therapy Work?Is Blue Light Therapy Effective? Light therapy has emerged as one of the safest and most effective treatments that can help with a lot of different common health conditions. Whether you work with red light therapy […]

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