red light therapy for hair loss

Red Light Therapy for Hair Loss:A Growing Solution

Red Light Therapy has become popular as a safe, effective treatment for genetic forms of Hair loss (androgenetic alopecia.)

 FDA approved, with no side effects, Low level laser therapy is clinically proven to not only reduce hair loss but also enhance hair growth.

Red Light Therapy uses the wavelengths between 630 - 670nm. The best wavelength for hair regrowth is 655nm. This is why Red Light has the unique ability to be absorbed by the molecules of hair follicles and is perfect for Hair Regrowth.

 The Application of the laser hair therapy can be performed in specialized clinics and salons by trained professionals or can be performed at home with FDA approved LLLT devices.

​Red Light Therapy  for Hair loss,How Does it Work

red light therapy for hair growth

There are 3 phases of hair growth;

​The Anagen Phase - the growth stage.

The Catagen Phase - the transition stage (when follicles begin to shrink)

The Telogen Phase - follicles become dormant and shed

The stimulation from Red light therapy helps to shift hair follicles into the Anagen phase and restore hair growth. LLLT prolongs the growth phase and increases the rate of proliferation and growth in the anagen phase.

How this happens, LLLT uses specific wavelengths (630-670nm) which are absorbed by the molecules of the hair follicles. ​This stimulates the epidermal stem cells, vital for regeneration of hair follicles. LLLT decreases inflammation and increases local blood flow (micro circulation), which in turn increases nutrient and oxygen delivery to hair follicles. Finally it stimulates the metabolic processes.

The result is the stimulation of follicles in the state of decline, which accelerates production, and makes existing hair thicker and fuller.

What type of Hair Loss does Red Light Therapy Treat?

Low Level Laser Therapy treats androgenetic alopecia. More commonly known as, male / female pattern baldness. This is a genetic condition, affecting 50% of males over the age of 40, and 75% of females over the age of 65.

LLLT also has shown to have positive effects in other forms of hair loss with particular interest in chemotherapy induced alopecia and alopecia areata.

Scientific Proof of LLLT for Hair Loss:

red light therapy hair loss before and after

The growth of human scalp hair mediated by visible red light laser and LED sources in males.

44 males were treated with LLLT for androgenic alopecia in a 16 week trial. The Conclusion of the results were that LLLT of the scalp at 655nm significantly improved hair counts in males with androgenic alopecia. Pub Med 2014

The growth of human scalp hair in females using visible red light laser and LED sources.

47 females were treated were treated with Red Light Therapy for androgenic alopecia. The patients were treated every other day for 16weeks. The conclusion was similar to that of males.

 “LLLT of the scalp at 655nm significantly improved hair counts in women with androgenetic alopecia at a rate similar to that observed in males using the same parameters”.

Low-Level Laser Therapy for Treatment of Hair Loss

This study researched all clinical studies in PubMed and Google Scholar regarding hair loss and LLLT and concluded:

“Controlled clinical trials demonstrated that LLLT stimulated hair growth in both men and women. Among various mechanisms, the main mechanism is hypothesized to be stimulation of epidermal stem cells in the hair follicle bulge and shifting the follicles into anagen phase.

How Often to Treat Hair Loss with LLLT

If you are going to a salon, a typical session will last between 20 - 60 minutes.

 For an at home device, the time you use a device per session, and how many sessions per week, depends on the device.

2 - 3 treatments per week are recommended for some devices, however many devices recommend 30 minutes every other day. Note, most devices have a shut off timer, which eliminates the risk of over use.

 After the suggested treatment period, you should continue sessions once or twice a week to maintain hair quality with all LLLT devices for Hair Loss.

When You can expect to see Results:

With using Low Level Laser Therapy for Hair loss, it is best to start the treatment process in the earlier stages of androgenetic alopecia. . LLLT only works if there is an active hair follicle. For maximum hair restoration benefits, start your treatment process as early as possible.

 With all clinical studies evaluated, on average, with sessions every other day, results are typically seen after 12 - 26 weeks.

The Devices for Treating Hair Loss

LLLT for Hair loss uses LED devices for treatment. These devices come in different forms. Laser hair growth helmet/caps, Hand held devices - including combs, and Red light therapy bulbs, and beds / pods.

Red Light Bulb - Make sure it is a high quality RLT bulb. All you have to do is point the light to the problem areas on your scalp for 10 minutes (no Longer), 3 times per week.

The RubyLux 2nd Generation All Red LED Bulb Size Small is recommended

Laser Combs - built with laser diodes placed in between the bristles. The only problem foreseen with the Laser Comb is that there is no easy way to track how long each part of your scalp has been  exposed to the laser diodes, as you are moving the comb the entire treatment time. With the Laser Comb the reviews and rating vary, for some people it works, for others it doesn’t. The comb is convenient, however because of the coverage and results, the Helmet is recommended over the comb.

Personal Laser Helmets - At home laser diode helmet

red light therapy for hair loss

The iRestore Hair Loss Treatment Helmet is recommended. The Helmet has the best coverage and has been clinically proven to grow new hair, double the follicle diameter of existing hair and slow hair loss.The iRestore Hair Loss Treatment Helmet was proven to promote significant hair growth in a 2017 clinical study. At the completion of the study, 100% of men and women saw visible improvement in hair growth, with more than 43% increase in hair count, after using the helmet for 30 minutes every other day.

Beds / Pods - Salon Treatment

The pods are not popular as a Hair Loss treatment as they are not specific to the scalp. However, they will work effectively using the right wavelengths (between 630-670nm) if you also have other conditions on the body you want to treat at the same time.

What to look for when Purchasing a LLLT Device for Hair Regrowth

Make Sure you do your research! While all devices use the same technology, there are numerous laser therapy devices on the market and you should make sure your LLLT device does what you want.

 Find a study on an LLLT device that achieved significant hair regrowth on humans, then replicate that study’s methodology and routine on yourself, using a device using the same wavelengths. (630-670nm for Hair Loss).


Red Light devices come in all different sizes. The device you choose should be appropriate for the size of the treatment area. For Hair loss, scalp treatment devices that are hand held are a great choice for convenience. Whilst the Comb is convenient, the coverage is not as good as the helmet. The helmet will ensure all areas are getting the coverage needed.


Prices range from $100 to $1000’s. Make sure you investigate what you are getting for your money.


Low Level Laser therapy for hair regrowth is gaining in popularity for good reason - It Works!

Its proven to be effective for hair regrowth with live follicles, double follicle diameter and slow hair loss.

It is natural, painless and safe.

LLLT Home Devices are a cost effective way to speed hair regrowth compared to salon or other laser treatments.

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