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Planet Fitness Haircuts (Review)

Some people go to the gym to get strong, keep fit, build muscle, and improve their health. Others go to get a haircut.

Yes, the rumors are true – you can get a haircut at Planet Fitness. Certain locations offer a cut as part of their spa / salon offerings, so you can go from sweaty to stylish in the same visit.

Sweat n’ Style…who knew! Continue on as we introduce our guide to getting a haircut at Planet Fitness.

How to get a haircut at Planet Fitness

If you have a Black Card membership and an untidy mane, you’re in luck – haircuts are free for all Black Card members.

Any cut, any style is included in your membership, so all you have to do is head over to the front desk and sign up for a spot in the salon.

Stylists may have limited hours, and there could be a waiting list, so if you do want a cut, it’s best to check their availability and plan your gym session accordingly.

Other members and guests may also be able to book a cut for an additional fee. Check with your local club to see if this is something they offer, and bear in mind that busy locations may have waiting times or limited hours.

Which Planet Fitness locations have haircuts?

Every Planet Fitness is different, and some don’t offer haircuts, so be sure to check with your club before heading out for your cut.

If you’re a Black Card member, you can use any of Planet Fitness’s 2,000+ locations, so even if your nearest club doesn’t do haircuts, you may find another in the area that does.

Either call your club or check their website – if they do haircuts, it’ll likely be listed under the Black Card membership perks.

It’s difficult to say for certain which locations are offering haircuts as the list can change. At the time of writing, the following handful of top locations were confirmed as having hair stylists. If you don’t see your club on the list, give them a call to double-check!

  • Albany (Crossgates Commons), NY
  • Albuquerque (Menaul And Carlisle), NM
  • Chicago (Washington Square), IL
  • Corpus Christi, TX
  • Glenmont, NY
  • Nashua (Coliseum), NH
  • San Antonio (West Side), TX

Reviews of Planet Fitness haircuts

So you’ve found a Planet Fitness that offers haircuts, but should you really trust your hair to a gym stylist?

No one wants a bad hair day after a great workout, so don’t be afraid to ask around and investigate before heading to the salon.

1. Take a look before you book

If you’re protective of your tresses, you can always meet the stylist beforehand and take a tour of the facilities to see what you think. Watch them at work, have a chat about what you want done with your hair, and go from there.

2. Ask others

If you have a Black Card membership, you’ve probably been going to the gym for a while and gotten to know the regulars.

Ask your fellow Black Cards what they think of the haircuts, whether they’ve ever had one or know someone who has. Find out if they think it’s worth it.

The more people you ask, the more informed you’ll be about whether you want to take advantage of this particular Black Card perk.

3. Read reviews

Your local Planet Fitness has its own website and social media following, and this is often a great place to find out what people think of its services.

Of course, it’s not the same as getting the opinion of someone you trust, but reviews can help you decide (or at least make you laugh!). Here are a few comments pulled from social media:

  • “Made my day – workout and free haircut at Planet Fitness!”
  • “Never get your haircut at Planet Fitness….like, what are you thinking?”
  • “Got a fresh haircut at Planet Fitness”
  • “Safe to assume if you’re getting your haircut at Planet Fitness you’ve given up on life.”
  • “I told myself I’d never get a haircut at Planet Fitness, but I’m broke and my hair is getting out of control”

In summary

So you’re thinking about booking a trim after training, but you’re still unsure. Should you chance it?

If you’re a Black Card member with a low-maintenance style, then why not? It’s free, and it’s hard to go wrong with a basic cut. Judging from the reviews, most people going for a cut at their club are men looking for a quick and simple style.

It’s hard to beat the convenience of heading straight from the gym to the salon if you want to look and feel your best heading home from your workout. And it could be a major cost-saver too if your usual haircut is pricey.

But if you’re planning anything more elaborate like a completely new style, a color, or a major cut, it’ll probably require a full-service salon.

So while you’re good to get a trim or a simple style, you might want to save any major make-overs for the professionals.

Haircuts are only one of the many perks available to Planet Fitness Black Card members, so if you decide to skip the stylist, there’s still plenty of other ways to pamper yourself after pushing through a hard workout.

Catherine Morris is a freelance content writer and award-winning journalist. Originally from Northern Ireland, she's now based in Canada where she writes about health, wellness, travel, the environment and anything else that sparks her curiosity.


  1. So this was a review? While some of the OTHER so called (reviews) were funny… The only way for this to be a real review is if the writer of the article actually GOT a haircut. I mean, how can the author call it a review if they didn’t even get one… shessh.


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