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Shining the Light on Color Light Therapy:What You need to Know



  1. You do not make it clear as to how the combination colors are used. Are they color filters and stacked upon one another …. are the colors used separate at different times …. are there two different color devices used at the same time?

  2. What devices are available with these light choices? People may need to treat more than one issue so maybe need one device with different color choices.

  3. Hello. I am asking a second question after just reading. the
    f.a.q. s. It seems that people might benefit from the infrared and red, red alone, or red and blue. Then, if they feel something more or different is needed, try the device with the other ( single colors or two colors combined).
    The writing also stated that it is possible to get too much red light therapy and that long term use of red light therapy can be aging and it cause oxidative damage. I thought that if you follow the distance and treatment or session time (a.k.a 16 minutes or whatever it is for that device) it wouldn’t cause harm. How can you know what is too much? Some people claim to use their red and or infrared devices daily for the recommended treatment session time. Thanks.

    • Some devices have multiple color filters so that you can use different light options.
      As far as red light beeing harmful you would have to expose to very large doses (hour and hours of continual exposure). If only the recommended treatment times are followed (20-30min daily depending on device strength) there will be no negative effect. Hope that answers your question.

  4. It’s fantastic to learn that red light therapy can help with arthritis pain. My wife is wanting to reduce the pain she’s feeling in her knuckles and she was wondering what kind of therapy she could do to reduce arthritis pain. I’ll be sure to tell her that she should do red light therapy to help with her arthritis pain.

  5. THIS IS AN EXCELLENT PAGE, THANK YOU, all colors are REQUIRED just as the rainbow of the sun colors are requird by our cells, let NOONE tell you color therapy is not good and necessary, excellent information hope people listen to this


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