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The Joovv Red Light Panel Review

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Product Name:

Full Body LED Red Light Therapy Panel by Joovv

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​Red Light Therapy Home Device


​From $695


​Portable Red light device with excellent coverage & short treatment time



The Full Body LED Red Light Therapy panel is specifically designed with LEDS that emit red light at 660nm. Designed to fit behind your door, the Joovv Light is built with 90-degree lenses and treats an area size of 4ft. by 2.5ft. Given that it covers this size space, your whole body can benefit in a short period of time. The Joovv panel is pricey, however this light is proven to be beneficial to the body, helping with recovery, pain, arthritis, testosterone, libido, hair regrowth, reduce wrinkles, rejuvenate health and much more. 

Joovv also sell a LED Red Light Therapy / Near Infra Red Therapy Panel, which emits light between 610-710nm. Superior results in less time. Also more expensive, might we add! This device can penetrate deeper into the body’s tissue, and is recommended for the relief of deeper symptoms.

 For any of the above mentioned conditions, the LED Red light therapy panel is recommended and works.

How It Works:

The evidence backing light therapy, also called photobiomodulation, is well documented. The research was proven when QDI conducted studies on red light therapy in 1993. The research demonstrated the effective health benefits of red light emitting at 660nanometers. This light energy can pass through human tissue much easier than other wavelengths. Light in the mid 600 and mid 800 range has been shown to provide optimal biological responses.

 The Joovv Red light panel supports this theory by delivering light energy, which is absorbed by the body. The cells receiving this energy boost, perform their natural functions at a heightened level.

 Now that we’ve covered the optimal wavelength, it is also just as important to choose a device with the right intensity. Not enough intensity and you will not get the results . NASA supported research utilized devices that delivered 4-6 Joules/cm2 of energy to the body. The Joovv LED red light panel delivers 6 Joules/cm2. Joovv use electrostatic – coated LED lenses, the irradiance you receive is over 100mW/cm2. This means you will get a larger treatment area in a shorter period of time .

Joovv Light

​The Basics Specs:

​Power Consumption: 300W

Cooling Fans:          5

Lifespan:                  50,000 hours (that’s about 34 years, if used for 4hrs every day!)

Approximate Dimensions: 36.25” x 10” x 3”

Light measurement area: 5ft x 2.5ft

Treatment Area: 48’ x 18”

Wavelength used: 660nm

Provides 6 joule/cm2 per minute at 6” and 3 j/cm2 per minute at 12”, of Red light energy

90 medical grade laser diodes.

Weight: approx. 18 pounds

Product Warranty: 2 year Limited warranty

Built-in Bluetooth function


Dr. Michael Hamblin, is a researcher in the field of Photobiomodulation at Harvard University, and serves on the Joovv advisory board. He states, “Red light at 660nm has been proven to enhance cellular production. Red light is readily absorbed by skin tissue leading to improved skin health and collagen production”.

Apart from this Joovv publishes testimonials only, from spa owners, chiropractors and customers on their site.

There were reviews only found on retail sites, mostly positive feedback.


Recommended Usage of the Joovv Light Panel:

For optimal cellular health, including deep tissue, Joovv recommend, a 10-minute session for each treatment area, standing or sitting at a distance of 6” – 8” away from the device. For anti-aging (collagen production) benefits alone, 5 minutes is sufficient at up to 12” away from the device.

 Treating longer allows the wavelengths to penetrate deeper, thus you receive a more intense treatment. Treatments longer than 15 minutes in one area are stated as “non-productive”.

Recommended to allow at least 6 hours in between treatments.

Joovv light

When Can You Expect Results?                                                                 

Joovv states, “It’s well documented that red and near infrared light provides cellular health benefits. But, the time required will depend on your desired health outcomes. Most People will see benefits like increased muscle recovery, pain relief, and wound healing fairly quickly. However, enhanced skin health, like reducing wrinkles and scars, can sometimes take 8-12 weeks”.

Side Effects:

In general Photobiomodulation is considered safe. The Joovv Red light panel is no exception.

All LED Light products can be over-used, and there is a chance of skin becoming more sensitive or perhaps dry if used too often.

People taking medication with photosensitive side effects, should avoid light therapy or discuss with their doctor first.

What We Like About The Joovv

  • ​Joovv provides a 60-Day Trial. They recommend, you put “Joovv” to the test for 60 days with their “no hassle return policy”.
  • ​Customer service from Joovv is very good, with a large amount of customer reviews stating “outstanding customer service”. ​
  • ​Short treatment time
  • check​The device is well built with a solid metal case

​Joovv Red Light Review Conclusion

The Full Body LED Red Light Therapy panel, by Joovv is a convenient product if you want to cover a larger area in a short session time.

The company has good customer support and service, with extensive therapy and product knowledge.

  Overall, a highly recommended product. It is not cheap to purchase, it is however a quality product and the reviews speak for themselves.

best offer

Joovv red light therapy

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