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Broadband Light Therapy

The skin is the largest organ in the body. It plays a significant role in our bodies as it covers our internal organs and protects us from external harm. The skin also documents our experiences and history. It, however, plays a more important role other than protecting us from external factors. The skin lets us know what is happening underneath it by flagging down any issues with the internal organs. Discoloration of the skin and skin sensitivity or wrinkles might make us feel older or unattractive, but they are indications that something is not right.

If such issues occur abruptly on your skin, you may need to seek medical attention as it could mean that there is a severe underlying issue. You should, therefore, take the necessary steps to ensure that you keep your skin healthy.

While researching about the best skincare and wellness treatments, you’ve probably come across BBL therapy. There are claims that BBL therapy helps in age reversal and reversing sun damage. In this article, we will dissect what BBL therapy is, how it works, and whether it is the fountain of youth.

What Is a BBL Laser?

BBL refers to Broadband Light. It is a frequency of high concentration of light that sends controlled heat to the skin. Scientists have studied its ability to encourage new cell growth and improve appearance for a youthful feel and look.

BBL therapy uses BBL laser technology to reduce discoloration, the appearance of redness, and to correct other cosmetic issues such as rough or uneven skin textures, aging, and even sunspots. Although BBL therapy isn’t a magic pill for every skin condition, it helps reduce the appearance of acne, redness, and fine lines.

How Does Broadband Light Therapy Work?

Broadband Light therapy considers the use of infrared frequencies of high-intensity light aimed at the skin’s outer layers to remedy the affected areas. The BBL instrument sends amounts of heat to areas of the skin, which are more affected by the sun. Such areas include the face, hands, and chest.

The BBL laser aims at damaging the cells around the affected area so that the skin triggers an immune response. This way, the skin is forced to heal itself by creating more collagen to repair itself. The cells then go into overdrive as they react to the sudden trauma.

The cell damage alters the body to get rid of the damaged cells and instead build new ones. If the treatment is done correctly, there will be no lasting scarring or advance wounding on the affected area. BBL therapy has shown positive results in human trials and mice. The treatment is FDA-approved.

BBL therapy is used when one needs to cover up evidence of any trauma done to the skin. It, however, doesn’t resolve any of the issues that cause skin damage. It is mostly used to battle any acne scars and downsize the appearance of sun damage.

A study conducted by Anne Chang reveals that BBL laser treatment works by changing cells genetically. This procedure helps to promote a facial appearance similar to that of a younger person. The youthful effects of BBL therapy, however, are short-term. The FDA hasn’t cleared the process of developing anti-aging treatments or altering any gene expression.

Where Is BBL Therapy Applied?

As revealed above, BBL therapy is often used for cosmetic and dermatological purposes. It is usually used to remove sunspot appearances and minimize the appearance of small blood vessels and wrinkles. It is also used to reduce evidence of acne scars.

The following are some of the FDA approved BBL therapy applications:

  • Forever Young BBL – This type of treatment targets signs of sun damage and aging. It intensifies the regeneration of collagen, which is useful in reducing age spots and any sun damage.
  • Forever Clear BBL – This type of treatment uses Intense Pulsed Light to reduce acne-causing bacteria and minimize inflammation caused by acne.
  • Forever Bare BBL – This type of BBL laser treatment is used in hair reduction. If you would like to get rid of hair in some specific areas in your body, then Forever Bare BBL is the right choice for you.

This kind of treatment uses IPL to penetrate the skin and reduce any chance of hair regrowth. Forever Bare BBL is often used in reducing facial hair, armpits, and back shoulder hair. It can also be used to reduce hair around the lips, chin, and beard removal.

Are There Any Side Effects to BBL Skin Treatments?

Although BBL is a quick and painless procedure, it affects different people differently. Before getting any BBL laser treatment, it is wise that you consult with your medical practitioner for advice on the best procedure for you. A physician is well equipped to inform you of the right treatment for you.

That said, the most common side effects of this kind of treatment include a slight reddening similar to that of a sunburn right after the treatment. Another side effect is a little swelling. However, this kind of side effect is dependent on the type of treatment you received.

Doctors also advise that after you get BBL laser treatment, you protect your skin from sun exposure as the skin tends to be overly sensitive.

Is BBL Therapy Helpful?

Skin trauma such as acne scars, redness, or the onset of wrinkleless can be annoying and unflattering. If you’ve been battling with these conditions for a while and are looking for a solution, you can try BBL therapy.

This non-invasive dermatological procedure can help you regain your confidence by restoring your skin to its youthful glow. However, you should first consult your doctor before seeking BBL therapy. Make a list of any severe conditions you have and run them by your doctor first so that they can tell you whether you’re fit for BBL therapy or not.

It is also advisable to visit a licensed professional for BBL therapy. This is because the procedure involves applying controlled amounts of strong light that can potentially damage your skin if not done correctly.



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