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Chromotherapy: What You Need to Know

Light therapy is quickly becoming one of the best methods to help make your skin look amazing while alleviating many common health conditions. Considering all you need to do for this therapy is to use different wavelengths of light, it makes sense that this is an effective and safe treatment for everyone to use. But what exactly is chromotherapy and how does it work?

What is Chromotherapy?

One of the first things we need to look at here is what chromotherapy is. Chromotherapy is a treatment option that will use wavelengths of color light to help improve the biochemistry of the body in the hopes of promoting deep healing throughout. This type of treatment will become more effective when used with some of the available infrared sauna treatments because this helps the chromotherapy penetrate deep into the soft tissues of the body. Through all of this, the body is able to effectively absorb the full spectrum of color that is emitted during the treatment.

Basically, when you use this treatment, your goal is to take the wavelengths of each color and use it as a way to naturally heal the body. There are some amazing things that light wavelengths can do for our health, helping to clear the skin, fight off cancer, give us energy and so much more. One type of chromotherapy, known as red light therapy, is taking the world by storm and ensuring that many common medical ailments are cured through light.

What Can Each Color Do?

There are many different types of light therapy based on the color of light you choose to work with. Chromotherapy will often work with many colors at once to really improve the body, but there are some individual color therapies, like red light therapy and blue light therapy, that you can use as well. Look below to see what each color can do for you:

  • Red: Red is a good light color to use on your skin. It can help stimulate the production of collagen, fights off aging, will reduce wrinkles and fine lines, increases blood flow throughout the body, and fights inflammation.
  • Orange: Orange is a good option to use when you need energy and revitalization to the skin. For those with dull complexions, orange light will bring more nutrients to the skin, resulting in radiant and glowing skin.
  • Yellow: Yellow is a good light color to help tighten up and tone the neck and facial muscles. It can also help to stimulate the sensory-motor nervous system while detoxing the whole body.
  • Green: Green is a good light color to help out with different issues. It is known to calm any red and inflamed skin, fix broken capillaries, and fight inflammation. It can even help aid in fading pigmentation and skin color that is not even.
  • Blue: Blue is a good color to help heal patchy and red skin, fight inflammation, and add more collagen to the skin to avoid wrinkles and those fine lines.
  • Violet: Violet is a good color to use because it can treat acne and problems with oily skin while fighting off bacterial as well.

The Benefits of Chromotherapy

There are a lot of benefits to using chromotherapy in your life. While there do need to be more studies done over time to see exactly how effective this treatment is and which conditions it can help with as well.

It is reported that light therapy is a great option to help decrease inflammation through the body, relieve pain, reduce swelling, help with recovery after surgery, help wounds heal faster, and more. In fact, it can even be used to increase circulation throughout the body and when that is added together with a reduction in inflammation, it can cure quite a few medical problems throughout the body.

Many times this type of therapy is used to help cure a lot of skin conditions, though the uses are expanding as time goes on. Another popular way to use this treatment is to help relieve SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. SAD occurs when the individual doesn’t get enough sunlight, which causes their body to go through depression. You can also use chromotherapy to help reset your internal clock to help regulate your mood and make insomnia go away. When combined with red light therapy, this is a great treatment to help stimulate the production of elastin and collagen while making your skin look amazing.

How Will My First Session Go?

There are many spas available, along with a variety of medical practices, who have started to use chromotherapy as a treatment option. After you have your consultation with a specialist, you can determine the right color of light to help with your medical condition. Depending on your own unique diagnosis, you can spend a long time under that specific light to see relief.

When it is time for the treatment, you will simply lie on your back, usually on something like a massage table, with the light instrument right above the head. There are a few that will work over the whole body as well. The specialist can then turn on the light and you will lie there for varying lengths of time. The different colors should shine on your face.

If you are using a broad spectrum of these lights, each color will end up shining for two minutes and then move on to the next color, rotating them all for half an hour or so. You will notice that this whole experience is pretty relaxing and you will feel comfortable. You may even notice that right after the session, your mind is more open, calm, and clear.

There are some forms of chromotherapy devices available for home use. These are not regulated by anyone so the intensity and the effectiveness may vary. Talk with your specialist before deciding to use any of these.

Chromotherapy is a great option to use to help you heal your skin, get more energy, and just feel recharged overall. It is simple to use and with the help of a specialist, you can enjoy a healthier life.



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