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What is Green Light Therapy

Many of us are far too familiar with the feeling of being up too late looking at the blue light of a computer. But it turns out that there is another color of light, a very specific band of green light, that could provide a number of benefits to us. In fact, light therapy, no matter which color you choose to use, is an effective and safe solution to improve the health and lives of most people.

While you can find claims of how green light therapy will help with almost every health condition from easing pain to fighting depression, most of these claims are just in the early stages of research so not much is known. However, Dr. Rami Burstein has pioneered research that shows how green light therapy is able to help those who suffer from light sensitivity and migraines. Let’s explore a little more about green light therapy and see how it can work for us.

What is Green Light Therapy?

While light therapy has been around for many years and is starting to make a big comeback as a helpful cure for many, green light therapy is also something that we need to consider. There are many studies that have recently been published to show us all the amazing properties that come with green light. For example, green light therapy, when used correctly, can help fight off light sensitivity and extreme migraines for some people.

If we look at the evidence, it shouldn’t surprise us too much that the color green is able to positively influence us. Green is known to create calmness and serenity for a lot of people, bringing us closer to nature. For years we have known the benefits of spending time in nature, where we find a lot of green colors, and how it can help calm the mind and make us healthier.

We can use this same idea to help us better understand how green light therapy will work. We harness the natural benefits that come with green light and use it as a way to make our health better. It is really good at creating a calm environment that can help us feel better while reducing headaches.

The Benefits of Green Light Therapy

There are a ton of benefits to using green light therapy in your daily routine. Some of the benefits you will quickly notice include:

Helps Improve Your Sleep

Using a little bit of green light may be able to help you sleep better at night, while blue light from your computer can hinder the sleep. Even just a few minutes before bed can be enough to help calm you down enough to go to sleep.

Provides Relief From Pain

Some research that has been done by Mary Heinricher shows us that this green light can be enough to reduce the amount of pain that we feel. Green light has the potential to work with our pain-modulating systems, ones that would tell us that unharmful inputs are painful to us. The experiments that were done here showed a light intolerance to issues like fibromyalgia, which raised the idea that abnormal photosensitivity may be explained to us by our pain systems reacting wrong to light.

Using some green light to help reduce how sensitive the patient is to light may be the right solution. This green light will ensure that the patient will be able to handle the light a little better, helping them to effectively manage their pain as well.

Use as a Treatment for Migraines

Migraines are really hard to help cure and treat. Each person has a different cause to the migraine and some common treatments just do not seem to work. Green light therapy may be able to help fight off these migraines in many patients. Many patients have given up hope and feel that they just need to live with the migraines forever. Green light therapy can help give them some relief.

According to Dr. Rami Burstein, green light may be able to help those who have migraines by producing some smaller electrical signals in the brain and the eyes. This wavelength of light will provide them with a soothing glow that helps to get rid of the headaches while getting the patient back to their daily routine.

As a Skin Therapy

Many forms of light therapy are great as skin therapies. Green light therapy is no different, though it will treat different skin conditions compared to some of the other colors. The green light in particular is good for helping fight off sunspots, broken capillaries, pigmentation, and dark circles under the eyes. In some cases, it is able to calm down skin that is over-stimulated and irritated.

The result is skin that looks and feels healthier than ever before. While it may not help some of the wrinkles and fine lines like we see with red light therapy, this is an effective type of light therapy to help you get the smooth and even looking skin that you want. Add in that it can take away some of your stress and leave you feeling calm and rejuvenated, and this may be one of the best types of light therapy to consider.

Green light therapy is not as popular as we see with red light therapy or some of the other options. However, for those who are sensitive to light or are dealing with chronic migraines that won’t seem to go away, the green light can provide some relief where other treatments have failed.

We are used to the idea of the color green helping us to calm down. Many times we are told to go spend some time in nature to calm down or get rid of the stress that we feel in our daily lives. This is why nature walks, camping, and spending time outside is so good for us. Green light therapy helps us to harness some of this good energy through healthy lights that will make us feel better and live a healthier life, especially when it comes to fighting off pain, migraines, and light sensitivity.



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